Trump frequently attacks the media and this week accused them of not writing about terrorism and terrorist attacks. He said it’s “gotten to a point where it’s not even being reported.” Politifact found this was a Pants On Fire lie. [Politifact, 1-6-17]

“… Experts who study terrorism told PolitiFact that, in general, terrorist attacks in the United States or Europe do get covered, though the extent of the coverage can vary based on the severity of the attack and whether there are casualties.

“… We found no support for the idea that the media is hushing up terrorist attacks on U.S. or European soil. The media may sometimes be cautious about assigning religious motivation to a terrorist attack when the facts are unclear or still being investigated. But that’s not the same as covering them up through lack of coverage. There is plenty of coverage of in the American media of terrorist attacks. We rate the statement Pants on Fire!”