The New York Times editorial board calling it like it is. [New York Times, 1-29-17]

… Mr. Trump is not merely uninterested in facts; he repels them. In their place, he confects his own reality to feed his bottomless emotional and psychological needs. It is not America First, it is Donald Trump First, and always.

… This is the essence of Mr. Trump: selling himself or his plans by massaging and embellishing facts, or simply making them up and hoping everyone plays along. It is a strategy he developed, quite purposefully, during his days as a brash New York City real estate tycoon, and later relied on as a TV personality. He even has his own term for it: “truthful hyperbole,” which Mr. Trump described in his 1987 book, “The Art of the Deal,” as “an innocent form of exaggeration — and a very effective form of promotion.”

The tactic worked back when he was cajoling banks into giving him giant loans for casinos that would later collapse in bankruptcy, or trying to convince people that his 58-story skyscraper was actually 68 stories, or claiming that his reality show, “The Apprentice,” was the “No. 1 show on television,” when it was in fact 67th. But it’s going to be far harder for him to sustain his illusions now that he leads the most powerful nation on earth and oversees a complex government staffed by millions of people, including some powerful ones who are unlikely to parrot his “facts” when they conflict with the truth. What happens when Mr. Trump, looking through his reality-distortion goggles, claims that America is winning the war against terrorism and his defense secretary, Jim Mattis, surveys the same landscape and disagrees? Which “facts” will the American people be told?

… This attitude is, of course, all too familiar to the citizens of authoritarian regimes around the world — from China to Russia to Turkey to Egypt — where leaders survive by intimidating or imprisoning journalists, writers and artists, or anyone who dares to challenge the “truth” and “information” generated by the regime. Mr. Trump can engage in intimidation through his Twitter and Facebook accounts alone, where he has a direct line to tens of millions of Americans.