Michael D’Antonio, author of author of the book “Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success” (St. Martin’s Press), documents some of the lies, Trump’s long history of deceit, and explains why the lies come so easily to him. [CNN, 1-24-17]
” … On Monday, he repeated a false claim that millions of illegal ballots cast by undocumented immigrants deprived him of winning the popular vote in November. The latest false claim, which legislators reported to CNN and other news outlets, has no basis in fact and apparently originated on websites that peddle conspiracy theories.
“Throughout his life Trump has insisted he is richer than people acknowledge.
“The day after his inaugural address, Trump — in a speech to the CIA — denied ample photographic evidence, insisting that his swearing in was in fact attended by a crowd that “looked like a million, a million and a half people.” He then recruited the Almighty to aid the lie, saying heaven had stopped the rain from falling when he spoke — “and then it became really sunny.” It rained throughout.
“Donald Trump became a public figure in New York by promoting himself as a high-achieving real estate mogul — before he’d built a single project.

That first project depended on a lie told to the City of New York, in the form of an unsigned document, and a hyped-up claim made to recruit Hyatt hotels as a partner. It worked.
What followed was a lifetime of little and big falsehoods, some of which involved adopting false identities.
Most involved what Trump calls “truthful hyperbole.” This category would include such items as his claim that he that he was supposed to be aboard a helicopter that crashed, that his wealth was far greater than reported, and that he owned the Empire State Building.

When caught in his deceptions, Trump has generally gone on the attack against those who fact check his claims. … Indeed, throughout his life, Trump has deflected criticism with attacks on the press. He made this theme a major element of his election campaign, labeling journalists “slime”, “dishonest” and “disgusting.”